Mark Banfield:
Acoustic Guitar / Vocals

Helen Banfield:

Terry Handscomb:
Acoustic and Electric Guitars / Banjo / Vocals / Percussion

June Handscomb:
Vocals / Percussion

Graeme Palmer:
Bass Guitar

Special thanks to:

Tony Arnold:
Pedal Steel Guitar / Dobro

John Bowman:

Recorded at:

Parkstone, Dorset, U.K.
February 1979
Engineered by: Tony Arnold

Re-released by: Mark Banfield, Banner Innovation
April 2020
Digitised from one of the few remaining original 1979 cassette tapes.
If you still have one of the cassettes, KEEP IT! It is now rare.

The songs - Side 1

1: You Can Tell The World

    by: Paul Simon

2: Pack Up Your Sorrows

    by: Richard and Mimi Farina

3: The Day We Fell In Love

    by: Mark Banfield

4: This Land Is Your Land

    by: Woody Guthrie

5: Peace

    by: Tom Paxton

The songs - Side 2

1: Jesus Met The Woman

    by: Mahalia Jackson

2: Zacchaeus

    Author unknown

3: Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall

    by: Simon and Garfunkel

4: With My Swag All On My Shoulder

    by: The Seekers

5: The Outlaw

    by: Larry Norman